Morsø Ø4 Stove

Morsø Ø4 Stove

Morsø S11 with medium base

Morsø S11 with medium base

There is still a recurring debate about soot which, along with harmless water vapour, is contained in the smoke emitted from a stove.

Here at Morsø, we ensure all stoves are developed so that the burning-off process of wood takes place efficiently, ensuring that it decomposes with minimal CO². The success of this decomposition process means that wood can be considered a green energy source as it is CO² neutral, making a Morsø wood-burning stoves one of the most environmentally friendly methods of warming a property.

In addition, advanced purification systems and refined combustion technology cultivate the burning process and reduce particle emissions to an absolute minimum.

So how does this affect the efficiency of heat in a room? A small room may become vastly overheated by a radiator and waste energy in the process, so by choosing a wood burning stove with a low kW, this ensures the heat output is relative to the room size. As the stove recycles the heat in the room effectively with its convection airflow system, even larger rooms with high ceilings will be heated just as effectively as smaller, more insulated rooms.

The Ø4 stove for example, is a Defra-Approved cast iron stove that boasts a rated output of 5kW, radiating heat through rooms of up to 46m³. Being Defra-Approved means that the stove produces exceptionally low particulate, smoke controlled emissions when in operation and during production, in order to burn wood in smoke controlled areas – meaning it is one of the best heating options available in terms of protecting the environment.

Additional eco stoves from Morsø include the brand new ‘mix and match’ S11 steel range,  Defra-Approval pending with a heat output of 4kW and a gross efficiency of 75.5%, the S11 recycles air into the room, warming it gently; ensuring that the entire space is heated evenly and comfortably.

Not only are these stoves eco-friendly for the home and environment, they are also highly sustainable, as our stoves meet some of the strictest environmental European regulations, including Norwegian Standard 3058/3059, which sets out stringent requirements on minimising particle emissions and their impact on the environment – both when in operation and during their production.

In addition, at least 80% of Morsø’s energy consumption comes from sustainable energy sources, such as wind energy, whilst all packaging is made out of recycled paper with minimum water-based print colours, and 99% of the stove cast iron comes from re-smelted scrap.

It’s good to know your Morsø stove is all about local – not global warming.


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